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Reviewed by Haleema Nazar | 8 months ago

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Halal Factors

Hailing all the way from Japan, Beard Papa's has transformed into a well recognised international franchise, better known for changing the confectionery landscape one sweet crumb at a time by churning out some of the finest and ridiculously decadent cream puffs.

Located down Hyde Park Corner, it is currently operating in full swing mode at Urban Kitchen and have since gained a loyal following of avid fans in a short span of time.

Walking in, the strong aroma of freshly baked puffs instantly lures you in, and an eye-catching display window filled with drool-inducing cream puffs, eclairs and lava cakes was our cue to get this show on the road!

You are provided with the option of picking between two types of cream puff shells, as well as the different varieties of cream filling separately, and upon reaching a decision, an employee fills the cream puff on the spot, in order to ensure that it remains fresh and steers away from being too soggy.


Cookie Puff With A Chocolate Filling | Rs.270

Considering that dessert is our favourite type of indulgence (we don't mess around when it comes to that portion of the menu!), we walked in with high expectations, being the serious sugar junkies that we are, secretly hoping to fulfil our sweet tooth cravings.

One mouthful and these melt-in-your-mouth treats instantly set into motion the development of a new profound love, the kind of love that only Hugh Jackman could whiff up in a mere amount of seconds from us! (NO SHAME! So please save the eye roll for someone else).

The pastry was comfortingly warm, light and flaky and is generously filled with chocolate custard, that was silky smooth and chilled, adding an interesting dimension to it. The chocolate filling was delectably rich, inducing a slight bitter effect to it that beautifully blended well with the sweetness produced from the custard.

This was mind-blowingly heavenly and was by far, my favourite flavour out of the lot.

Cream Puff With A Vanilla Filling | Rs.220

Simple as it may sound, I can assure you that this was no ordinary cream puff as their vanilla cream filling is made using whole Madagascan vanilla pods and not just flavoured with vanilla essence. 

The cream puff consists of a mix of chilled vanilla custard and sweetened whipped cream filled to the brim, and dusted with a blizzard of confectioner's sugar on top.

Each cream puff proved to be a delicious bite of vanilla cream heaven that had our taste-buds hysterically screaming out in ecstasy. The foundation of the cream puff is once again, light and airy, and the cream is sleek and not overly sweet, which was pleasantly appetising.

Word of warning: Proving to be solid contenders, the chances of becoming hooked are highly likely as they are wildly addictive, so consider yourselves warned. Just ask my fellow reviewer, Tenisha, who will wholeheartedly agree in confidence.

Chocolate Lava Cake With A Cookie Base | Rs.250

Nothing says love like hot, gooey chocolate pouring out of a warm moist cake but despite an incredible start, their version of a chocolate lava cake fell flat. The rich chocolate-y taste didn't come through at all and it was a touch sweeter than I would have personally liked it to be. It emitted the kind of disappointment that you might feel after cracking into a molten lava cake, only to find someone forgot to add in the lava.

Cookie Puff With A Strawberry Filling | Rs.270

The flaky puff was perfectly golden on the outside and insanely soft on the inside, producing an ethereal lightness with each bite. The filling was slightly different from the previous two as this consisted of whipped cream, fresh strawberries and a hint of yogurt. The flavours - fruity, sweet and tarty - were an electric harmony in the mouth, creating a momentary spark pf saccharine magic.

You can tell that there was a generous amount of strawberries as we found ourselves biting down tiny pieces of strawberries, that proved to be delightfully refreshing and were undeniably noteworthy.


Chocolate Milkshake | Rs.350

Presentation wise, it was fairly mainstream, nothing too fancy that got us too excited to dig in, as it was served in a regular plastic cup with the absence of a whipped cream swirl on top.

In saying that, it proved to be indulgently rich in chocolate accompanied with some nice dark notes and consisted of a thick, uniform texture that was well rounded. There's an icy, almost frothy quality to it that's really enjoyable, all the while maintaining a creamy, silky consistency.

A classic example of how looks truly can be deceiving! (Yeah, you show them how it's done!)

Cappuccino | Rs.300

Being coffee connoisseurs for obvious reasons, we found ourselves basking in the aromatic smell of freshly brewed coffee that was seeping through a disposable Styrofoam cup (whatever happened to going green y'all?). 

Despite being called a cappuccino, it's no substitute for a real cup of coffee to wake you up and satisfy your morning caffeine cravings, as it delivered a rather mild hint of coffee. The addition of vanilla into it proved to be a tad bit too overpowering, creating a mellowed aftertaste of coffee, so hardcore caffeine addicts look away!



You can easily tell that not only are they persistent on ensuring that quality is delivered, a notable amount of attention and delicate care is taken in the preparation process. The service is fast considering that all of the cream puffs are baked fresh to order and the filling is piped in right infront of us, which is a win-win in our books.

During our visit, the manager happened to be in the vicinity and was nothing short of being sociable and welcoming, all the while enthusiastically enlightening us on their best sellers and didn't barge in and ask us how the food was while we were happily stuffing ourselves.


Interior and Ambiance

It is relatively quite small and restricted as it lies in line with several other restaurants and cafes. There is fairly limited seating and resembles more of a come-and-go/take-away kind of atmosphere, hence I would strongly recommend against going there with the entire family or with a group of friends for a casual sit-down. 

However, we were notified by the manager that they are currently in the process of opening up two more branches so we're eagerly keeping our fingers crossed that the new venues will provide us with an ample amount of space.


We went with soaring-high expectations, hoping it would be exclusive in its offering, and it did not disappoint. Even though some could complain it is unusually expensive and is not the most cost-efficient way to gain a sugar rush, you have to keep in mind that quality comes with a price. 

Beard papa's deserves a spotlight for being an absolute delight for dessert fanatics where the cream puffs are bound to ensure that customers heartily enjoy their experience. The texture and flavour was beyond fault, kinda like that stomping one-liner that leaves you reeling at the end of a movie. Their cream puffs are the real deal, so do yourself a favour and head down to Beard papa's to see what they have to offer and you'll be thanking us later! 

Word of warning: The cream filling is relatively quite generous so ensure that you proceed with caution when going in for a bite as all the cream oozes out rapidly and you will find your face smeared with cream if not careful.  

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