Bubblelement (Battaramulla)

Bubblelement (Battaramulla)

Reviewed by Dinul Hettiarachchi | 9 months ago

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Halal Factors

Bubblelement needs no introduction but their new branch in Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte does. Conveniently located down Denzil Kobbekaduwa Maratha, it is easy to locate because of its chic exterior and the glowing logo.

Along with their usual menu which boasts of a good variety of bubble drinks and paninis, this Ramadan season you can enjoy some seasonal drinks which were unique and rich in flavour.



Pol sambal and Beef Panini | Rs.475

This panini was a delight with every bite(I could try to proceed with this rhyme scheme but I will fail so I'll stop)...

One may assume that the name suggests a dry and 'hard-to-bite-into' sandwich but the meat filling was moist and was of the perfect texture as to not dampen the bread. The tangy spices of the pol sambal oozed out with flavour with every bite and it churned with the succulent beef to give it a rich taste.

However, the bread was a bit too crusty (almost like roast paan), which may appeal to some but it real takes away some of the flavour of the filling.

TIP: make sure you ask for their special 'spicy paste' made of crushed green chili, vinegar and a whole load of spicy goodness: it may even be too spicy for Sri Lankan taste buds if it hits the right spot on your tongue!!


Spicy Chicken Panini | Rs.450

From the moment you glimpse at the vibrant red filling, you know you are in for a treat. The pulled chicken together with the onions and the spicy, flavourful juices of the filling, are a real delight to bite into.

Although the bread was the same hard bread as before, the bread worked fine with the spicy chicken as the chicken did not add a dry element to the dish like the beef did.

The dish did not live up to its name of being a 'spicy' chicken panini but taste wise, bubblelement has found one of their chart toppers(more like menu toppers)!



Lychee with Strawberry Popping Boba | Rs.390

Fruit teas are the way to go to beat the blistering heat, but at bubblelement they give you another reason too: it's just so damn good.

The gently popping boba releases doses of strawberry flavour which infuses well with the refreshing lychee syrup. The lychee syrup is alos not too endrenched in a tangy tea falvour which makes it sweet enough to make you happy but not too sweet to make you squint. For me personally, popping boba is a NO, simply because of the cringing it causes once it's residue hardens on your teeth! But for all you popping boba addicts, I highly recommend this drink!


Honey Crunch | Rs.450

This really was a special drink simply because it left me nostalgic with its flavours of nutty chocolates we all had when we were young(not that I'm judging adults who have it now too but diabetes is no joke folks!). The drink really lived up to its name with every sip boasting of a chocolate-y taste, along with a honey after-taste like something out of the 'Bee Movie'; although Barry may not be too happy with all our honey consumption. This drink is bound to be an all time favourite of mine and if you are visiting with you family, make sure the kids try this out as it will have them wanting more(again, not that I'm telling the adults not to have it!


Dream Date | Rs.450

We aren't kidding when we say that it's literally crushed dates because the drink was full of pieces of dates too! It was unlike anything I've had before and the taste really made me feel ecstatic as it was perfectly sweet and had that perfect texture which I look for in drinks: not too runny nor too thick. This drink will have you feeling like Egyptian royalty devouring a sip of the finest dates on all of the land!     


Halwa with Pistachio | Rs.450

One of the best milk-based bubble teas in town! From the first sip, the rich creamy taste of pistachios captures you quite unexpectedly and every sip after that is soothing. Mind you, the drink is definitely so full of pistachios that you even get that nutty after-taste. A drink like this is something not too common and for all those exploring vivacious flavours, this is for you.     



All the drinks were served in bell jars along and some even with wooden boards which called for an Instagram worthy picture but the food were served in ordinary white places: I would've loved it if they too could be served on wooden boards(not that I'm promoting a hippie lifestyle in any way) but sometimes aesthetics go a long way!      



The staff were friendly and if you have any queries about what goes in the dish or drink, ask them as they'll be happy to guide you through it. We were served promptly and the wait is not too bad since we can always take some time to talk to one another!     


Interior & Ambience 

The inside may seem clustered at first but once you settle in, it really is not bad since the warm lighting is perfect to make anyone feel calm and relaxed. The rusty signs adds a personal touch to the café: and my favorite sign was the 'we don't have wifi. Talk to one another' sign which I agree with!

If the inside of the cabin is not for you, then make you way to the top deck. With the fairy lights and the adjoining lit up tree, this makes it an ideal location for a date with your significant other. Plus the view of the river next to the cafe and the spacious playground on the opposite side of the river, will have you feeling like you are not even in the city anymore



Nutty bubble drinks and spicy paninis are what makes this bubble tea cafe stand out from the rest! Sipping on bubbles on an outdoor deck decorated with fairy lights is an experience this cafe promises along with some of the friendliest staff members. Don't trust me? Go and check it out for yourself. 

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1108, Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
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