Bubbluscious (Arcade)

Bubbluscious (Arcade)

Reviewed by Dinul Hettiarachchi | 9 months ago

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Halal Factors

This article relies on our experience at Bubbluscious. There could be instances where your views may differ from ours.

Bubble tea is more of a luxury than a necessity, yet at Bubbluscious it may seem like neither. The Stooshe really were right about 'sticking to the rivers and the lakes that you are used to' because Bubbluscious gets their basic drinks right, but seem to disappoint with others. 

The staff did not seem to know about flavour combinations so you really are on your own on that one, but don't worry, EAT is here to help you out!



Strawberry and Pomegranate | Rs.320

Besides the appealing, bright pink color of the drink, the rest is pretty much blah (I mean bland but blah is suitable too). "Strawberry? Pomegranate? Where are you flavours at?" You definitely weren't in this drink, that's for sure. 

If you really do work hard on your tastebuds, you may be able to get a slight hint of the strawberry (while also filtering out some small strawberry seeds which reminds you that's it's a strawberry drink after all). The taste also inclined more towards a diluted guava flavour, so I reckon it's time to strike it off the menu or change the name of it. Furthermore, for a so called 'smoothie', this drink was too milk-based and was not refreshing as the name may imply. The strawberry pearls seemed to serve more of an aesthetic purpose than a taste purpose, which in my opinion is the purpose of bubble tea anyway!

Cold Matcha with tapioca pearls | Rs.280

It's a pity that the matcha did not live up to its standards, especially since all those health freaks jogging around Independence Square would love to relax with a good matcha drink after an intense workout. 

The drink lacked flavour and was definitely too dilute, yet quite weirdly, once you devour it, there's a tingling powder residue forming on the roof of your mouth. And personally, I would've liked sweeter boba pearls with the matcha to compensate for the bland taste of the matcha (although the tapioca pearls work fine too).

Speaking of their tapioca pearls, they really do justice to them in general, simply because they are of a chewable size and turgidity (so I didn't look like a cow munching throughout its breakfast).

Nutella tea with whipped cream and chocolate syrup | Rs.360

Finally, a drink that I can finish due to its heavenly chocolate-y goodness! Mind you, the chocolate flavour is not too sweet nor too subtle, so what you get is this rich taste of chocolate; that together with tapioca pearls is a real delight (I'd recommend not to add chocolate pearls since it may disrupt with this perfect chocolate balance)! 

Served with a chocolate drizzle on top, it is a classic that all you chocoholics should try out! 


The colours of the drinks really do pop out so if you just want that typical mediocre-foodie Instagram picture, then go for it. We can't really elaborate too much on presentation since the drinks came in their standard cups, except for the Nutella which had a transparent cup to show off the chocolate swirl on top! 


Staff members were friendly although they didn't ask the questions to take you through the process of customizing your bubble drink. Plus we can't really blame them for being slow in their process of making the drinks since they only had two members of staff working at the time: clearly they need some more time to acclimatize to the surroundings.


Interior and Ambiance 

I did have my hopes high when I was told they opened a new branch at Arcade, but when I got there, I realized it was more of a take-and-go sort of place. You will find the shop, more like 'counter', clustered at one end of the string of little restaurant counters nestled at Arcade. Hence it was not the relaxed atmosphere I was looking for to sip some good bubbles and chill out with my friends. However, it's nothing major since you are just a few meters away from Independence Square, where you can relax while taking a stroll down the jogging track. 

Note: kindly ensure you dispose the plastic cups in the bins available: Go Green because Trump won't!


Bubbluscious at Arcade could be allowed a second chance based on the fact that they are new and are yet to be sturdy, but it's about time they pulled up their socks since the brand has been around for a while. Although the counter-shop doesn't have a relaxed atmosphere around it, the ideal location next to Independence Square might give you a chance to escape in to your own bliss with a drink full of boba. 

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