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Butter Boutique

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors

Incase you haven't noticed already, CMB is basically a hotspot for your baked goodies (ya know, the cakes, cupcakes, brownies and stuff?).

But there's always the few cafes that tend to stand out from the usual crowd and becomes an Instagram obsession plus a crowd favourite. This is where Butter Boutique takes a bow!


Here's what we filthy animals got our forks digging into;




Cinnamon Rolls | Rs.400/-

The cinnamon Rolls looked like they rolled straight outta Cinnabon. Yes, they looked fabulously glossy and you can smell that sweet, sticky cinnamon sugar while it's still warm. However on the downside, we found it a little too drenched giving you a toothache with the over power of sweetness - cut down on that a notch and you can down 3-4 of these golden babies.

Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate | Rs.500/-

The cake was super soft, the kind you know is going to treat your aching tastebuds, with the soft dark chocolate flavour of the cake to the thick icing that was clearly a winner! However since they call it the salted caramel and since that needs to be really highlighted it'll be pretty awesome to get an extra kick from the caramel, since the chocolate sorta overpowered the total experience.

Chocolate tart | Rs.450/-

Being an avid tart fan, this took me by surprise. It was quite confusing, but with all the right reasons of course! We found the base to be crumbly and crusty but also slightly dry and flaky. The chocolate felt rich and meh at the same time, it was like delicious and yet you know you've tried better stuff elsewhere. And the cherry on the top? There's a whole layer of caramel right at the bottom which was a pretty great addition, but we weren't aware of it until we had our bite! The chocolate tart reminded us of a deconstructed tart, I can swear Haleema had confusion plastered on her face!

Tres leches | Rs.450/-

Ah the tres leches, you can never have too much of this. This was VERY GOOD. Simply adored the sweetened whipped cream layers and the three milks (the whole point of the tres leches) if you can see me writing this right now, I'm trying to find words to describe this sweet, perfect and ideal after meal dessert. Plus it screamed perfection on the top. JUST LOOK AT THAT!

Sapporo cheesecake | Rs.400/-

Japanese cheesecake is something seriously novel to CMB and it's not every day you find this in Sri Lanka! Plus it's also known for being the fluffiest cheesecake. However, it was pretty much slightly dry and not exactly fluffy but it tasted pretty darn good!

Peanut butter caramel | Rs.450/-

The cake looked gorgeous, and the frosting was on point! It was thick and absolutely divine, however what's important to note is that the cake was slightly dense and it felt meh compared to every other cake base, specially since we found this a little too chewy.

Cookie Dough Brownie | Rs.450/-

The cake was like gigantic slab of butter! It was super creamy and insanely sweet. We found the nice little crunch of the cookie dough taste but we're guessing the brownie base is not the fudge one we were expecting since it was very cake based textured.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake | Rs.500/-

This. Is. Absolutely. STUNNING. The kind you'd drool over on Instagram or something and regret cutting a slice because it's to pretty to die! *insert sad face emoticon*

The cake didn't scream out the cake texture but rather it was like a cookie dough batter which was filled with tons of chocolate chips and was super yummy! The frosting on top, was smooth and complemented the cake overall.

Iced Mocha | Rs.550/-

The coffee and chocolate are imported from Melbourne, meaning you won't exactly find this great coffee in CMB. Considering how it's completely different from your usual Italian and Swiss chocolate. The iced mocha, is by far one of the best I've tried in the country. It's absolutely bloody delicious! The right amount of coffee content and ice with a strong flavour that wasn't too overpowering but also just on point. Go try it out, so you'd understand what I'm struggling with.

Rose Latte | Rs.500/-

The rose latte was surreal. Who knew rose in coffee would taste so darn good? It was amazing, with the lovely hint of the rose water. There was a nice balance and despite both being strong flavours individually, it was just perfect.


Iced Lolly – Rs.150/-

Butter Boutique has a long list of yummy home made ice cream and ice lollies! I tried out the Hibiscus & Rose iced lolly, which was red in colour and had an orangish, grapefruit like flavour.


The cake slices are beautifully placed in fancy white plating with a gracefully done design.  It looked super Instagram worthy with their famous wallpaper and the other accompaniment on their tables!

Interior & Ambience 

The interior and ambience is breath taking. It's like you walked into those NYC cake cafes and you're more or less excited and just lost for words. It's pretty gorgeous and the best part? They are relocating, to a much bigger place down Rosemead place!



The staff are more like friends and family and it's super chill in there. You're bound to fall in love with this place and the beautiful people in there.



Finally I'd like to admit that Butter Boutique got into our good books and we will definitely head back for their cinnamon rolls, tres leches and for my caffeine fix. The prices are fabulous for the giant slab of cake they give you and hey, you don't have to feel guilty about diving into your sweet pleasures in this cosy cafe! (Everyone's eating cake!)


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