Ginza on the Edge

Ginza on the Edge

Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 9 months ago

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Halal Factors

Looking for some of the highest quality of Japanese with a fat deserving bill at the end of your meal? Ginza on Edge is the place to be! Although they are on the pricey side, the food is well worth the money you’re dishing out, especially if you order the best dishes. First at Hilton and now tucked away at Waters Edge, the process of finding the restaurant is a task but it will all be worth it in the end.




Agedashi Tofu – Deep fried tofu | Rs.1060/-

These pillowy blocks of lightly deep fried tofu were one of the most unusual but best dishes we’ve ordered; soaked in a sort of fish sauce and each topped with radish or seaweed. We’d definitely recommend this, especially for the tofu lovers!

Edamame | Rs.805/-

For those of you who do not know, edamame is a preparation of immature soybean in the pod. One cannot go wrong with edamame, unless it’s over-salted or not boiled enough; this one definitely made the cut!

Sashimi Moriyawase | Rs.3830/-

This was the freshest sashimi platter we have tried in Colombo yet! The tuna was definitely our favourite as it was succulent and just melt in your mouth perfection.

Ebi Tempura | Rs.1610/-

This crunchy deep fried shrimp is something we order at all Japanese restaurants and it can definitely be categorised as one of the best in Colombo! You could literally hear the crunch of the outer layer as you bite into it, the shrimp was perfectly cooked and the sauce was not too overpowering no matter how long the shrimp was soaked in it.

Wagyu Beef | Rs.4400/-

This traditional Japanese beef that cannot be found in Sri Lankan markets (sigh) is some of the tenderest beef that can be found. No words can aid in describing this magnificent piece of meat; if you feel worthy of a treat and your soul food is Japanese, we suggest you head over to Ginza and have a taste!

California Roll | Rs.1340/-

An inside out roll we’d like to call: cucumber, crabmeat and avocado wrapped in Japanese rice; a dish we order regularly at a Japanese restaurant. Each of the elements in the roll complimented each other perfectly! We particularly liked this and would definitely recommend it.


Spicy Tuna Maki | Rs.870/-

Another crowd favourite; tuna tossed in a combination of sauces and then rolled in Japanese rice and this one was covered in panko crumbs which gave the roll a lovely crunch along with the wonderful flavour combinations in the sauce.

Okonyomiyaki | Rs.1300/-

A Japanese pizza and probably the healthiest pizza you could find; cabbage along with all types of seafood – this was something we haven’t tried before and after a firsthand experience, we’d definitely recommend this to those who do not like Japanese food but were dragged there by an unanimous vote.

Kuro Goma Ice cream | Rs.600/-

Personally this is my new favourite ice cream flavour – black sesame ice cream! The ice cream had an usual burnt flavour that complimented the ice cream as a whole. And because this is not something you find everyday, describing it is impossible; this gives you more of a reason to go and try it out for yourself. All we can say is that it is out of this world! We’d definitely drive to Ginza just for a scoop of this magical stuff!


Machcha Ice Cream | Rs.600/-

Best matcha ice cream in Colombo by miles! The matcha powder has not been added to spare as it is very prominent in this ice cream which is a great thing because usually we find that when we have matcha ice cream, the matcha is very subtle. Another reason to come back to Ginza!


The waiters were very polite and kindly made some great suggestions such as the Okonyomiyaki and the Wagyu beef. They were not in your face and left you at peace to enjoy your food!



The food was served on either white plates or blue ceramic plates. Ginza is similar to a fine dining and the food was presented with the utmost precision.


Interior & Ambiance

The interior is truly quite exquisite however the lights are dimmed a little too much, making it hard to see your food. Although they are going for an elegant setting, it was a strain on the eyes. The ambiance was mellow and personal; the perfect setting for couples.



This is what we like to call an experience; from the satisfying service to the superb food, Ginza definitely has a place in our heart in terms of Japanese! More Machcha and Kuro Goma ice cream please?

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