Giovanni's Presto Pizza

Giovanni's Presto Pizza

Reviewed by Yasali Liyanage | 10 months ago

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Pizza is love, pizza is life right? We were on our search for the best pizzerias in colombo that serve authentic thin-crust Italian pizza. That is why we stepped into Giovanni's. They've got the massive wood-fired oven right up front with people flocking into the restaurant from the moment they open up.



Pollo cacciatore | Rs. 1500

The pollo cacciatore had just the right amount of tomato sauce base so that the pizza dough remained nice and crisp. This pizza had a generous topping of bell pepper, herbs and "hunter-style" chicken-which sounded interesting.

The chicken is cut into larger chunks than normal and the meat felt a little bit more gamey in the mouth. It was a beautiful combination and everything worked amazingly well together, with the perfect amount of seasoning. Giovanni's does not forget to top it all off with a lot of fresh Basil leaves.


Four cheeses (Quattro Fromaggi) | Rs. 1400

This one is for the cheese lovers! This amazing pizza that had a combination of Gorgonzola, Ricotta, Parmesan and Mozzarella is every cheese-lovers dream come true. This one has no tomato base- a white pizza- with Basil leaves on top of course. The Quattro Formaggi is definitely more salty than your average pizza because obviously cheese has a high salt content. Put together four cheeses- and it's pretty salty; but it's nothing that one can't handle. We enjoyed the salty kick from this pizza with their perfect dough and crunchy crust. 



One you step into Giovanni's, expect to be greeted by undoubtedly some of the friendliest staff in any restaurant. One can expect to engage in a very chilled out conversation with any of the staff working at Giovanni's. They're all very pleasant and service is quite fast. You can count on them to recommend something to fit your mood and liking. It's all smiles at Giovanni's.


Interior & Ambience 

The place appears to be very small, located right on the side of the main road. If you're thinking of dining in, they have extended their space recently because on some days it gets quite packed-we can see why. There is a very interesting narrow staircase with candles and old pictures- we felt like we were walking up to some medieval cult. They have a very simple theme going on. If you get to sit by the window, get ready to be transported to Italy itself- from the brick wall to the art and plants by the window overlooking the busy road, and their checkered table cloth? One of the Best ways to enjoy great slice of pizza- and might I add gives quite a romantic vibe. 



Hands down one of the best pizzerias in Colombo. What makes a pizza stand out is definitely the great dough and crust; Giovanni's has perfected theirs. We loved the little burnt bits in the crust that only a wood fired oven can achieve. This goes oh so well with the array of toppings they have to offer; both authentic toppings and creations of their own- nothing disappoints. You will definitely find yourself coming back for more. 


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