Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café

Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café

Reviewed by Husein Esufally | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors

Need a night out with the crew? Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café is a wonderful restaurant to have a beer or even for a full dinner. Apart from being diverse in food options, the restaurant is suitable for almost any occasion.

Being such a well-rounded restaurant, we would like to narrow down the options. If you go in a group we would recommend ordering from the tapas menu as it’s more cost-effective. However if your appetite, like mine, is ravenous, don’t be afraid to order a full main plate but watch out, some items may be quite pricey.



Harpo’s Nachos - Steak (Tapas) | Rs.850

Messy, yet classy: this version of nachos forces you to get down and dirty with your hands, showcasing the homely nature of the food.

Towered with garlic-y spicy guacamole, glistening salsa, and cheese, topped with a generous spray of sour cream, this chili packed dish is sure to shake you awake. The sprinkled corn gives you a nice sweet and crunchy texture to compliment the crispy nachos. They're definitely nacho normal Mexican tapas.

Mediterranean (Ceviche) | Rs.875

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this Mexican classic, the starter consists of lime marinated seafood. However, the restaurant has taken it and made it their own. With not just the typical white fish, Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café has added the entire ocean: shrimp, octopus, lobster and mussels.

Weirdly enough, you can’t see the seafood in this dish as it is mixed in with a salad so you don’t know what you’re eating until you eat it. Instead of you playing with your food, it plays with you!

The dish is quite watery due to the marination, which is why the toasted chips and salad are included. While the salad freshens up the entire dish, relieving you from the strong taste of seafood, the toasted chips give you a crunchy texture and dries up your mouth, readying you for the next bite.

Tip: Dip and scoop the chips in the ceviche

Grilled Pork Ribs with Angry Sauce | Rs.1975

Drowning in a delicious, thick sauce, the ribs were moist and packed full of flavour! The smokiness from the grilled pork paired with a sweet and spicy “angry sauce” gives you a succulent piece of meat. The pork just melts in your mouth, leaving you craving more! #piggin

The mashed potatoes were a bit lumpy, giving you a more pasty taste. Nevertheless, it acted as an airy accompaniment to the meat and tomato flavours.

Don’t be mad but we can’t tell you what is in the angry sauce because it is a secret after all. Why spoil it when you can try it and experience its saucy goodness!

Tip: dip the bones in the remaining sauce and suck it for more meaty flavors 

BBQ Salsa Chicken | Rs.1550

Straying away from the norms of olden day traditions, this spiced chicken topped with rich barbecue sauce gives you that typical taste of a barbecue minus the unnecessary char on the meat. The chicken on its own was moist and although it was a bit on the tough side, it just melted in your mouth.

The chili corn salsa was a refreshing addition, giving you that freshness to cleanse your palate. The salad was well balanced with regard to its dressing to produce ratio. Furthermore, the salad was not too watery which allows the flavours of the salsa to radiate. We did find that the lettuce was too abundant, adding a more dominating earthy flavour and would recommend using less of it, but what’s a BBQ dish without a few mishaps?


Watermelon & Strawberry Lemonade | Rs.500

Ever eaten fresh rose apple? Well, the combination of the sweet and watery flavour of watermelon paired with sour and tangy strawberries gives you an enhanced taste of rose apple and a lingering strawberry aftertaste. To this end, the drink acts as a great palate cleanser between courses.

Additionally, it is worth noting that unlike most watermelon juices, this rendition was not grainy nor watery, giving you a smooth and refreshing drink.

Tip: Stir well before drinking



Blueberry Cheesecake | Rs.375

A quintessential blueberry cheesecake would have a blueberry sauce as the primary flavour, but not this one. Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café has produced a cheesecake that has blueberry integrated into the cake with an additional sauce to magnify that berry aura. We recommend this dessert for those of you who need a hearty and heavy finish!

Tip: Save a strawberry to eat after you finish the cheesecake to cleanse your palate.

Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Blueberry

Just wow! This light and jiggly dessert just falls apart in your mouth - no chewing necessary. The custard was not too sweet, enabling it to be accoladed by the blueberry sauce with a subtle blueberry essence emphasising the delicate mellow nature of a panna cotta — a hallmark of this dessert. To finish you off, there is a sweet and understated custard aftertaste. Talk about a sweet victory!



With friendly smiles and obliging attitudes, the staff give the customers the best experience. Their regular check-ups on all customers to make sure everything is in order and their meticulous accuracy when taking orders shows excellent training.



Plated with simplicity and generosity, each dish emphasized the causal and understated elegant atmosphere that Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café presents.

Interior and Ambience

Bigger is better, but sometimes it’s the small things that matter. Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café has made a small space seem much bigger than it seems with their spacious and rustic furnishing. With music of all languages playing in the background the mood is set to chill; the perfect atmosphere for a causal evening for family and friends who want to have a homely and charming meal.


If you are looking to celebrate anything when in fort, this is a definite must-try place. With a diverse menu to satisfy all your cravings, Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café is sure to provide food that has a little theatre and fun even for you herbivores (vegetarians). So pick up your margaritas (juices for you young ones) and toast to an evening full of life, love and long meals!

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