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Halal Factors

Heladiv Tea Club, is possibly the coolest spot to indulge in tea! We were super shocked about how it's located (right inside the Dutch Hospital) neatly tucked away with a very club/bar like vibes going on inside. It's like you've been transported to some sober bar in the middle of the day just to get your head out of things and seems purrfect for comfort and privacy!


Here's what we checked out;



Strawberry Iced Tea | Rs.300++

Our boss is a GIANT strawberry iced tea fan - specially when it's the Heladiv brand and when he makes it on his own. (We still haven't tried his personal version) unfortunately this did not live up to its expectation. Although the drink did have the original and lovely strawberry flavour and the slight buzz of the soda, our boss wasn't impressed. (Maybe they can learn a thing or two from him)


Kiwi Daiquiri | Rs.460++

It certainly looked like a very healthy drink at first, the kind you see celebrities slurping around LA with perfectly toned bodies. Little did I know that although it was green like Alien poo (that's what I feel Alien poo would look like), it was OVERLOADED with SUGAR. You can definitely get diabetes from this daiquiri, and surprisingly I actually enjoyed it! It had a nice funky fresh feel of the kiwi flavour, all tangy and sweet that it made me tear since it's been so long since I've tried something kiwi infused in CMB. *tear rolling emoji*

Since the portion was quite large, I took it up in a take away container and got lost in the sea of strangers down Dutch hospitals, desperately trying to look like the next Gigi Hadid. (LOL)

Watermelon Mojito | Rs.450++

You see, watermelons are best eaten fresh right from the actual fruit, as a PLAIN watermelon Popsicle or drink. When Sarah boldly ordered a watermelon Mojito, I called her crazy. (I was wrong. I mean she IS crazy... but the drink was OH SO WORTH IT). The strong lemon drizzle with the muddled mint and soda blended in with the watermelon PERFECTLY. It was like ON POINT PERFECTIONISM. The feeling and taste, is too hard to put into words - so I urge you all to go try it out! (Best if you do try it out during watermelon season, so the fruit is sweet and thick)

Peach Iced Tea | Rs.300++

Who can say no to peach iced tea? (Okay maybe a lot of people) but that's not the point. The point is, if you're an iced tea lover and adore the soft hues of peach you can never say no to one! This was disappointing once again, mostly because it was too strong in the brewing of tea and you get like a tiny hint of the peach. So SAD.

Mocha Latte | Rs.600++

That`s right! You also get freaking coffee at a tea club, like such hypocrites!? Kidding. This is probably to keep the guests who are into coffee satisfied!  The mocha latte looked stunning and we enjoyed it! Duhan ordered this, and he and I both agreed apart from it being frothy, it was milky and super chocolatey.



The drinks came in an array of different glasses and looked pretty gorgeous!



Sadly, the staff didn't treat us like royalty and we had to go to the cashier to grab the receipt. It was an utter disappointment.


Interior and Ambience

The place looks like a dark and chilled out bar. It has long leather sofas on one side and, seating area on the other side with shady lampshades. Real chilled out spot.


We enjoyed Heladiv Tea Club, but if we are coming back again we wouldn't exactly go head over heels for the iced teas. It's the perfect spot to unwind and relax and especially if you don't want anyone bothering you. (Like annoying wait staff) 

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