Mabroc Bubble Tea (Crescat Boulevard)

Mabroc Bubble Tea (Crescat Boulevard)

Reviewed by Dinul Hettiarachchi | 9 months ago

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Halal Factors

Mabroc Bubble Tea has finally made its way to Crescat Boulevard and are revving up excitement with their interesting seasonal line up too. Although its just a counter at the food court and not the typical café atmosphere that one may look for, their drinks are a playful delight no matter where you have it. And don’t worry about the wide variety of flavoured bubbles confusing you with the myriad of flavours since some of their drinks have a strong zest of black tea which reminds you that it really is mere bubble TEA after all. Yet Mabroc specialists have narrowed down some boba for each drink to avoid you from making bad choices (like sometimes we do with our love lives)



Passionfruit and Blueberry with Mango Popping Boba | Rs.330 (R)  | Rs.360 (L)

Subtle, refreshing and fruity flavours are what the drink encompasses. The infused black tea had a more prominent blueberry taste than a passionfruit flavour and the mango popping boba adds a light sweetness to balance the zing of the passionfruit, which equates to the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness like Ying and Yang (of the modern day and age where regular tea is too mainstream).  


Candy Rose with Rainbow Jelly | Rs.330 (R) | Rs.360 (L)     

RAMADAN SPECIAL! We really don’t mind an all-time classic landing their permanent menu due to its sweet bombay faluda flavour which tastes like Bollywood in a cup! Stick to the authenticity of the original drink with the sweet jelly to chew on while sipping a rich, milk-based drink. However, make sure to stir it well to avoid sipping merely on the syrup at the bottom (the stirring process may also call all you Instagram addicts for a Boomerang-worthy post).

TIP: do not try it with the strawberry popping boba since the sweetness overload is not a good one and the popping boba masks the delightful flavour of the faluda.

Mango Milk Fusion | Rs.330 (R) | Rs.360 (L)     

Feeling indecisive about whether you want a milk-based or fruit-based drink? Well, settle for a blend of both with this drink. The mango flavour was very subtle but the combination of the mango popping boba worked fine. Although the drink lacked a wow factor, it was nonetheless unique due to the great milk infusion: maybe a thicker aspect to the drink like a smoothie would make it more appealing.

Nelli and Apple | Rs.330 (R) | Rs.360 (L)

A fruity punch is what comes to mind as you sip through this heaven-sent drink to beat the heat! Refreshing and energising but I was craving a more prominent Nelli flavour. Yet the zing of the drink did prevail due to the mango popping boba, which balanced the sourness of the green apples perfectly. One of the few fruity bubble teas in town that I'd recommend to my readers merely due to its rejuvenating and hydrating effects, which will keep you going for more.

Plus, although we'd recommend regular sugar levels for most of the other drinks, we would recommend that you kick it up a notch.

Chocolate Strawberry | Rs.330 (R) | Rs.360 (L)

Will have you feeling like 'strawberry champagne all night' with the subtle blend of mild strawberries and chocolate. The strawberry pulp blended in will even have you feeling like you are biting into a succulent strawberry. However the taste of strawberry is not very prominent thus it may not appeal to all those fruit-aholics out there but this is one for all you chocoholics!      


Chocolate Hazelnut | Rs.330 (R) | Rs.360 (L)

A drink or a bar of hazelnut chocolate? The flavour of the hazelnut really cut through the taste of chocolate and perfectly balanced the sweetness of the chocolate. The after taste of the hazelnut was not too strong but it definitely made me crave for more of the drink which tasted like sipping on my favourite bar of chocolate! I think it's safe to say that the days of getting your date a chocolate are far in the past; it's all about chocolate bubble drinks now!   


Chocolate Dark Chocolate | Rs.330 (R) | Rs.360 (L)

For me, a dark chocolate flavour needs to have that strong after taste too, along with an aromatic experience leaving me in awe; yet this drink did not. The taste of the blend did not differ greatly from the other chocolate blends thus did not stand out, but nonetheless, it had the right level of sweetness; almost like diving into a bar of chocolates after a tiring day so this drink is one for all you sweeth-tooths.


All the drinks are served in regular plastic cups which allows you to see the vibrant colours of the drinks; cleverly designed cups to seem like an array of bubbles ascending through the drink. It is also interesting to see what sort of colour combinations pop out of the machine when the plastic cups are sealed with colourful lids.     



The wait was not too long because I cannot expect the drinks to magically appear as I order them (if so I would have gone to a grocery store). "It takes skill and patience to work on their ratios and make you the perfect drink, so give them some time", is what I tell myself on a daily basis.     


Interior & Ambience  

The illuminated bubbles definitely creates a playful atmosphere, bubbles bubbles everywhere. As the counter is one of the many at the Crescat food court, you may merely be seated on one of the boring tables, the exterior of the counter is something pleasing to look at! Personally, I would've liked a more interactive experience with the bubbles; such as bubble shaped lamps on the table or bubble shaped computers to place the orders on but then again this isn't Tokyo!


Mabroc's chocolate drinks are the new way of saying 'I like you' and you can wave bye to your mediocre chocolate bars. From interesting flavour combinations to a bubbly experience at the café, Mabroc has got it all and has taken precautionary measures to prevent you from making detrimental life choices (wrong bubble combinations)! 


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