Mitsis Delicacies

Mitsis Delicacies

Reviewed by Haleema Nazar | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors


Mitsis has long been a favourite spot of ours for a quick coffee and sugar fix, with their strong espresso and delectably creamy blueberry cheesecake consistently taking home the prize. 

After word got out that a variety of intercontinental dishes had been added onto their menu, cue a visit for a nice spot of Sunday lunch at this trendy little cafe, located down lower Bagatalle Road.

We were greeted by  none other than the owner herself, with a beaming smile across her face and after exchanging pleasantries, she warmly directed us to our table.

Once seated, a waiter appeared with a lengthy and varied menu and after a thorough look at it, the waiter was well on his way with our order.


Iced Peach Tea | Rs.290

When the days are long and hot, a tall glass of iced tea is the most satisfying refreshment.The fruity peach flavor cut through the slightly bitter tea flavor, creating a nice neutral balance between the two.

The perfect remedy to beat the heat and a fitting way to kick-start our tasting, this was a knocker!


Cookies And Nuts Frappe | Rs.480

As far as presentation goes, this drink was a massive letdown as it looked fairly mediocre. Nothing about its appearance jumped at us, as generally, drinks of this sort tend to come with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, crushed cookies and nuts, all hastily splattered on top, but unfortunately, the drink that was presented to us moved in the complete opposite direction.

Thankfully, its taste compensated for its fall in visual presentation. Made with an indulgent blend of chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, hint of coffee and crushed ice (sadly, there was no trace of nuts as indicated on the menu), it was heavenly rich and creamy and biting down tiny pieces of biscuit towards the last few sips proved to be quite delightful. 


Grilled Cheese | Rs.900

This was one of those dishes that instantly seized our attention purely because any dish dedicated solely to cheese  and cheese alone was definitely our cup of tea. The sound of 'grilled' added an element of suspense leaving our minds to subconsciously wonder in thought as to how the dish would look.

Roughly about twenty minutes later, the dish arrived and we couldn't wait to tuck in! 

As I slid my fork through a relatively chunky piece that was in the form of a square, the cheese inside instantly started oozing  out giving it that 'oomph'  factor. The grilled cheese was  coated in biscuit crumbs fried to a lovely crisp, conveniently preventing the hassle of having to remove excess oil off our fingers that tends to occur with most fried dishes.

Unfortunately, the choice of cheese used led to its downfall as it left an unfavorable aftertaste, almost to the extent that leaning in for another bite proved to be a tedious task.

The crumb fried grilled cheese squares were accompanied with a zesty fresh salad, double fried french fries that were crunchy outside and fluffy inside and a strong tangy tartar sauce.


Mixed Grill Platter | Rs.1670/2990

The mixed grill platter comprised of one chicken and beef skewer, a sausage, two fairly decent pieces of grilled chicken and beef,  mashed potatoes, salad and a spicy barbecue sauce. 

Besides presentation and size, there wasn't much of a difference between the skewers and the individual pieces of meat in terms of taste.

The beef possessed a beautifully charred exterior and delightfully tender interior, gracefully falling apart as I slid my fork and knife in for every bite, proving to be a clear winner.

The chicken was a close second to the beef, marbled nicely but not too fatty with a slight smokey effect that proved not to be too overpowering and ensuring that the chicken still remained pleasantly succulent inside.

Unfortunately, the sausage was a few minutes well overdone and wasn't as juicy as we would have liked it to be.

The mashed potatoes was a silky smooth puree with just the right amount of seasoning  that perfectly complimented the different types of meat on the plate. 

However, it was the that delectable barbecue sauce, possessing just the right balance of sweet and sour, that added a bit of zing to already zingy proceedings, effortlessly uplifting the dish in the process.



Mediterranean Prawns in Green Chilli Sauce | Rs.1550

This was one of those dishes that consisted of ingredients characterizing the traditional cooking style of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. 

The prawns were voluptuously supple and plump but firm to the bite and were embellished in a rich creamy white sauce with hints of garlic, pepper, green chillies and a splash of olive oil on top that provided an intense depth of flavour.

Mashed potatoes were served as a side dish which didn't quite make sense being there but given how peckish we were, the more the merrier!



Chicken Lasagna | Rs.1000

Hands down, this dish delivered and did justice to such a classic!

Spicy minced chicken swimming in a rich tomato sauce in-between layers and layers of silky lasagna sheets and topped with a considerate amount of mozzarella cheese that was torched to a slightly golden brown crust and finally, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Every mouthful was an explosion of fiery spices, almost to the extent that you savour it for a whole minute. 

The lasagna was accompanied by two freshly baked slices of garlic bread, popped right out of the oven and drizzled with olive oil and a handful amount of sesame seeds on top, proving to be the ideal condiment.

If warm comfort food is your jam, then I can safely say this is your best bet!


Dulce De Leche | Rs.550

For those not familiar with the term, Dulce de leche is better known as 'caramelized candy' which is obtained by slowly heating up sweetened condensed milk until the mixture thickens, changes flavour and becomes light brown in colour. Preparation can be rather challenging as it requires an immense amount of time, effort and patience but if made well, this rich and glossy spreadable golden caramel transforms simple treats into exquisite desserts.

The slice of cake that was brought to our table consisted of layers of vanilla sponge cake, baked cream cheese and of course, Dulce de leche that was incorporated with fluffy whipped cream and rich chocolate ganache.

The cake was charmingly light and soft and the baked cream cheese comprised of a decadent fluffy texture. The chocolate brought in a slight bitter effect to it, that paired nicely with the thick caramel notes, ending with a satiny smooth, buttery caramel undertone in the process.

Its a trip.


Tiramisu | Rs.500

Mitsis takes pride in whipping up a ridiculously rich Tiramisu and one bite was all it took for us to fully grasp why. We found our forks effortlessly gliding through a cloud of a feather-light combo of cream cheese and  whipped cream, as well as  through ladyfingers  (better known here as sponge fingers) that are softened by their dip in espresso. To finish it off, the dessert is topped with with a thick layer of double whipped cream and a generous dusting of cocoa powder that painted a rather appealing picture.

It was luscious, creamy and fattening, well worth the calories!

However, my only complaint would be that the coffee was slightly a bit more diluted than I would have liked it to be, killing the strong espresso taste that a tiramisu is notoriously famous for.



Service was quite swift moving and thankfully for us, we didn't have to pass time by gazing into oblivion, while waiting for our food. The staff was attentive, helpful and cordial, all the while maintaining a professional code of conduct. 

When questioned about particular dishes, our waiter remained informative and wasted no time by enthusiastically explaining in detail the relevant dishes that were brought to his attention.


Ambiance and Interior

The place has had a makeover since we were last in with elegant dining arrangements, comfortable seating and tasteful floral print.

In beautiful and tranquil settings, it really is a place to be at ease, proving to be an ideal location for all those in dire need of a quiet place to catch up on a good book.

We adored how they prevailed to maintain a mix of two different settings by blending in homely and restaurant vibes into this charming little place.

Music genres ranged from classic rock and indie rock, alternative to pop and so you are sure to hear a tune perfect for tapping your toes!

Mitsis also provides a spacious outdoor patio where ardent nature lovers can sit out for a bite or meal to soak in its calm and serene surroundings, along with the occasional breeze from time to time. 




Mitsis is a hidden pearl tucked away in a residential neighborhood that offers a fusion of different authentic cuisines using the freshest of ingredients, all served under one roof. 

A fitting place that avails itself to those craving a sugar rush as their desserts are mind-bendingly, prejudice-shiftingly heavenly, as well as for those hankering a wholesome four-course meal.

Given its location, quality of dining, classy decor and after years of excellent work, Mitsis has earned a loyal following and if you'd ask me, rightfully deserved so!


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