Sugar Bistro and Wine Bar

Sugar Bistro and Wine Bar

Reviewed by Dinul Hettiarachchi | 8 months ago

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Halal Factors

If you find yourself window shopping at ODEL as usual, then you might as well treat yourself right by visiting Sugar Bistro at The Promenade!

Located conveniently outside the entrance to the mall, this place sure fills up pretty quickly due to weary shopaholics occupying all the seats (with some seats for their shopping bags too)!

If you're looking for a non-alcoholic option then walk in through the glass doors, but if you're looking for an alcoholic option (to kiss away your troubles) then the bar just outside is more your calling.

I walked in through the doors (as a head massage had just relieved my stress and I had run out of things to stress about).



Fish and Chips | Rs.1100

Sometimes it's good to explore new options but you'll also find that sticking to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to will surprise you in marvellous ways - that's because many restaurants give their own unique twist even to a dish as common as F&C.

Sugar really does do justice to the dish: from the crunchy batter fried Sea bass, to the fresh guac and tartar sauce.

However, my taste buds kept feeling stung by the strong aftertaste of the fish and salt which was a con against the dish but was nothing major.

Yet, when infused with the guac, that saltiness combined with the sweetness of the fresh avocado was a real delight, plus the crunchiness is gently covered by the thick, smooth guac purée.

Overall, I was glad that I selected this dish as my main because it was light and refreshing so I could head on out and breathe easily without panting for dear life.

Hot Butter Cuttlefish  | Rs.850

Their portion size sure has gotten bigger since the last time I visited them, but at what cost? The crust wasn't even there throughout the ring of cuttlefish and it was a thin crust - a thicker crust was what I was looking for. That, and a slightly more moist version would also make this dish a menu-topper. Nonetheless taste-wise, the HBC was not too bad since the spicy flavours balanced well with the chewy cuttlefish. 

Home-made Pie (Butter Chicken) | Rs.925

A thick, crusty pie filled with layers of succulent masala flavoured chicken laid gently on top of a layer of mashed potatoes; top it off with some butter chicken curry that comes along, and you've got yourself the perfect combination of Indian and Western cuisine! The flavours blended unexpectedly well although the guac on the side did not seem to fit in well. The mashed potatoes were cooked to perfection and had the perfect consistency of an actual dish of mashed potatoes (which some restaurants fail to achieve). Can a dish be more diverse? I don't think so.

However, the dish would've tasted much better if it was warmer and the outer crust of the pie was more crispy and flaky.

Sugar Daddy Burger (Chicken | Beef) | Rs.1100

Confession: I did order the dish because of the intriguing title, but boy did it treat me right (just the way a sugar daddy is supposed to treat you)!

I had the beef burger and mind you, the burger is pretty tall and that may turn the heads of a few by-standers towards you but you'd better eat that burger like nothing else matters. Let's face it - we have differently sized jaws and if you're like me, you may want to take the burger apart because I tried fitting the entire thing in and nearly broke my jaw! No kidding.

Not one, but TWO beef patties with the rich, infused juice of the meat just oozing out, are stacked on top of each other. Together with the fried bacon and eggs served with zesty gherkins, it was a hearty meal to remember.

Five Spice Beef with Egg Noodles | Rs.1300

The highlights of this dish were the generous cubes of dry, spicy beef since the noodles lacked flavour and were merely thick. Overall, the dish was satisfactory since the beef added flavour with its spectrum.



Lime and Mint Crush | Rs.450

I selected the Lime and Mint Crush as always, not because of the anti-oxidant properties or whatever (which my mom was concerned about) but to merely slurp on the zesty goodness of the lime infused with the gentle aroma of mint. The L&M Crush had the perfect blend of mint leaves and ice but I found myself craving a stronger punch of the lime, especially on a blistering day out on our tropical island.

The drink was satisfactory enough to relax my taste buds and the aroma of the mint leaves definitely had me feeling all sorts of rejuvenating vibes.


Just a tip: make sure to check your teeth (discreetly) on the front camera on your phone and be sure to remove any leaves stuck in between your teeth before you smile for your next selfie!



Passion, Pineapple and Orange | Rs.650

Served in a mason jar, this drink is refreshing to the core: the orange juice perfectly balances out the zing of the pineapple while retaining the sweetness the passion fruit adds to the drink!

Traditional Iced Coffee  | Rs.650

The golden rule with this drink is that if you don't stir the ice cream on top (to avoid ruining the aesthetics), all you will taste is diluted coffee. I would've liked a stronger taste of the coffee and a little less water as it really takes away from the aromatic experience of an iced coffee.



Churros | Rs.450

Golden brown, coated with sugar, airy, light, delicious...

I'm literally scanning for words to describe this Godsent piece of culinary artwork. The churros are served with chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce on the side and with every dip you'll realize that the roof of your mouth gets more and more coated with sugar and sweetness. It truly is a magical dish and it is even complimented by a gentle sprinkling of sugar dust as you raise it to your mouth, which creates a spectacle of falling sugar that is fascinating to watch.



Most of the drinks are served in mason jars (nothing else suffices for a true hipster) and they all call for an Instagram-worthy picture.

The burgers and F&C are served on wooden boards (which I usually use at home to cut up vegetables). The fries are once again served in the most hipster way possible and that's something that I was beginning to love about Sugar.


From the moment I entered, I was surrounded by the positive vibes of the staff (even the chef in the kitchen who took the time to flash a smile your way amidst his busy schedule).

They were swift and efficient with some of the common dishes but took some time with the others. The friendly staff also add colour to your meal.

Plus, the staff really don't hesitate to compliment your outfit so dress up like a hipster and you may even get the honour of getting a picture with one the staff members!


Interior & Ambience 

The place had a very earthy and natural feel to it which was brought out by the wooden furniture and the green potted plants centered on every table. The gently yellow lights also set a very upscale tone to the place which I must admit is very relaxing, and that together with the cement flooring makes it look more like a sophisticated lounge. 

If you happen to drop by in the evenings, there is a live band just outside playing anything from reggae to acoustic covers of Ariana Grande (nothing like Phoebe's renditions of Smelly Cat).


Over time, Sugar has definitely become my go-to place for good food and company because of their friendly staff and food that is well worth the price.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone loitering about the ODEL Promenade.

A typical meal for two may set you back by a couple of thousand rupees but a dessert as good as the churros may make you realize that money is nothing when you can indulge in comforting food any day, everyday.

With the attractive lighting, dark and warm atmosphere, plus good raspy music, it’ll give you an appetite for seduction:

So Bon Appétit baby *cue Katy Perry*

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