t-Lounge by Dilmah

t-Lounge by Dilmah

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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Sri Lanka is known for its incredible hospitality and giving you that fresh steaming cup of hot tea, perfectly brewed with the aromatic tea and ginger sensation. But if you’re looking to have your conventional tea with the perfect scones or a fabulously filling crepe to practically anything that goes with tea, you should most definitely pop into the Dilmah T- Lounge down Chatham Street, The Arcade Independence Square as well as the Lounge by the beach at Negombo! 



Spicy Chicken Crepe | Rs.550
Finding good crepes in Sri Lanka is almost as hard as finding the right man, in fact most people mistake it for the Indian dosa and we were more than impressed to find delicious savoury crepes! Succulent strips of chicken ( and I'm talking lots of it ) tossed in an Oriental spices with spicy tomato and a celery sauce with lots of mozzarella cheese. However although they mentioned it being spicy we got a more sweet and sour taste, it would've be great if it gave a proper Sri Lankan spice! 

Spinach & Mushroom Waffle | Rs.750 
This vegetarian waffle would make you turn the tables entirely! Fresh button mushrooms sautéed in flavorsome garlic and not to mention the leafy spinach  covered in a bed of cheese. 


Tea Inspired Chicken Burger | Rs.640
Now this beaut looks pretty much like your ordinary burger but once you sink your teeth into it you'd realize that this is burger heaven. It's a sudden burst of flavor in your mouth with the oriental spices and the tea infused soft bun along with a green apple mayo salad and sweet chili sauce to accompany it. 


Chocolate Craving | Rs.590 
Now this is a waffle that we can guarantee you won't find anywhere else. The waffle is soft on the inside and crisped on the outside to a perfectly golden brown color topped with LOADS of hazelnut and chocolate sauce, giving you a thick creamy Nutella flavor with the crispy cubes of waffles. Eat it while it's hot!  


Chocolate Ganache Slice 
Although it looked appetizing we didn't believe that the taste was superior here. The cake had a fabulous thick ganache layer on the top although the cake was too dry. 


Blueberry and Pomegranate Iced Tea | Rs.350
Iced tea is a favorite drink for us and we were quite impressed! The drink looked bright red and was super pleasing to the eye with the presentation! The drink was in a jar with slices of fresh strawberries for garnish and a giant ice cube lid. We didn't find any blueberry or pomegranate in the drink, however they've brewed that particular tea which has a strong citrus flavor of all the berries and the sweetness of the fruits.


Marvellously Milky TTK | Rs.420 
Now hot tea is super common in a Sri Lankan household to basically everywhere else within this beautiful island. This is basically the ice cold version, however there is always a catch to it! This is a pulled tea served chilled with the perfect amount of froth with the finest single region with condensed milk to give you a truly marvelous thick chilled tea experience!


t-TK Ginger | Rs.350
Authentic ginger tea served in a visible thermal cup, the tea was infused to perfection and in the right quantity. 



The dishes came with their own garnishes and different sauces in tiny mini saucers along with the cutlery. 



The staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the menu, however they might take a little longer than usual to get down the bill. 


Interior and Ambience 

The interior speaks for itself, bring old world charm meets a novel look with plush seating and the tea counter with an upstairs open seating! The lounge is super cozy with the soft hum of T radio. 



In conclusion we adored this place, the setting, the locations, the staff and the ambience (not to mention the amazing value for money large portioned food ) we'd definitely be coming back ( again and again)

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