The Barnesbury

The Barnesbury

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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Halal Factors

The Barnesbury has always been CMB's favourite hangout spot down Barnes Place of course! With their artisan coffee, to comfort food, the shisha lounge outdoors and the impeccable interior indoors - what's there to not love about this British inspired restaurant?



Stuffed Fried Chicken Breast with Herb Cheese | Rs.1195

We got this of the chicken entrees or I'd like to call it, "the expensive menu" considering how everything goes above Rs.1000/-. The stuffed fried chicken breast was super delicious, it was neatly crumbed and fried to a gorgeous golden brown - along with the stuffing that's the herbed cheese! The moment we cut into the meat, it was insanely juicy and tender and the lovely cheese would ooze out packed with an aromatic smell and we would definitely recommend this! Served with a dollop of yummy mashed potato - this is the ultimate carb side you can possibly have!


Spicy Masala Fries | Rs.495

Utterly disappointed with their masala fries, considering how it was plain potato fries with pretty much the average "masala" coating that tasted extremely bland and just LOOKED spicy. It was served with normal ketchup which ruined the whole dish, instead of offering a specialty sauce or like a mint raita.

Chilli Onion Hotdog | Rs.500

A giant hotdog for the price sounds pretty solid. It was an average toasted bun with a fat and juicy sausage that was slightly spicy but it felt like it was processed meat instead of them making it fresh in house. It was topped with fresh onions and chilli along with a spicy sauce, that gave the added crunch with each munch.

Chicken Kottu with Cheese | Rs.750

The star of the evening perhaps? It was freshly cooked kottu with tons of chicken! (What else can you possibly ask for?) it was hot and extremely flavourful meaning it's got no added MSG and stuff. Poured with thick and creamy cheese on top, that was DEFINITE comfort food.


Strawberry Crush | Rs.520

Again, we didn't expect a drink that was going to look like an average drink? We expected something extremely over the top especially for the price and the fact that it is a strawberry crush. The drink in general tasted average, it wasn't too cold but the plus point was that it had fresh strawberries in the drink - instead of plain old syrup.


Strawberry Milkshake | Rs.500

The milkshake brought all the boys to yard! This was by far one of the best you'd find in CMB, super creamy and packed with fresh strawberries AND ice cream.


Lime & Mint Mojito | Rs.550

The classic virgin Mojito you're likely to find wherever! It's in a tall glass stuffed with the typical mint and lime muddled together along with loads of delicious sprite or soda? We're not too sure if it's the sprite that's making it sweet or the added sugar!


Chocolate Brownie | Rs.460

We expected a fat brownie with a scoop of ice cream that we can devour but it's entirely different! It was the average brownie cut into mini cubes that were drizzled on top with  chocolate sauce, and scoops of vanilla ice cream. The brownie bits were super crunchy however not warm and it was quite disappointing that you barely get a proper taste of it.


The items were neatly placed in white plating with no exaggeration whatsoever. The dessert and Mojito seemed to take the spotlight in terms of creativity.



The service was quick and efficient and you get the ultimate privacy instead of them roaming around you, which is 10 points for Barnesbury! And if you do need anything else, you can definitely just call them up and bring it up to you in a jiffy.


Interior and Ambience

The place is absolutely breathtaking, we simply adored how it was adorned with little bits of how a typical British pub would look like to the stunning wallpapers and the plush seatings. You'd feel really homey, relaxing and to simply unwind with a cup of coffee or dive into that hotdog.


The Barnesbury is the ultimate go to spot if you've got a heavy wallet and you want a decent time with family and friends! You're bound to enjoy time here, considering how relaxing and wonderful the whole experience is! 

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