The Food Station

The Food Station

Reviewed by Sarah Faisal | 9 months ago

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Halal Factors

Deciding what to eat with friends, family, partner or any other fellow human being is a universal problem. If you are a victim of this problem, the food station is the place for you. P.s this is not an ideal place for first dates as the heat will cause your makeup to come off in 0.5 seconds. (I was a victim)




Waffle Inc.

Grill Chicken Surprise | Rs.300

We were surprised how good it tasted, this was a generous portion of waffle with equally filling  grilled chicken alongside an egg omelette. The grilled chicken topping was actually bursting with flavours that got stronger with every bite and the omelette was fried just right and you could see the egg yolk slightly oozing out as you cut through. I've never been more thankful for the existence of ketchup until I tasted it on this dish. The waffle was soft with crisp edges and tasted just right with this amazing combination. *We couldn't stop ourselves and ended up ordering 5 of this*

Heavenly Chocolate | Rs.250

First of all, would you look at that price?!

It was a steal for the price and quality wasn't compromised either. It came with two large scoops of chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate chips and plenty of chocolate sauce. As you put this into your mouth, you will be biting into the chocolate chip while the ice cream melts in your mouth with the hint of chocolate syrup which tasted pretty dark, complimenting the entire process. The waffle was just the same, soft, crisp edges and almost gets forgotten with all the chocolate in your mouth.

They named it right. Although the chocolate ice cream melts pretty fast, I'm not complaining because global warming is our fault people!

Cookie Crunch | Rs.250

Two large scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with cookie crumbs and chocolate sauce, the cookies were very crunchy and not too sweet and that was complemented by the sweetness in the vanilla ice cream, thought we would've preferred the waffle to be a little more crisp for this dish to deliver more of that crunch we expected, it was still good.

Sunday Grills

Chicken Shawarma | Rs.300

I am very picky about my shawarma and this one didn't anger me. Wrapped in soft, thin, khubs was shredded chicken that was  probably marinated for 3 months because that's how strong the flavour was. It came with ketchup and garlic sauce that made the entire experience amazing when you mix it and get a generous amount on your bite. The garlic sauce had a little bit too vinegar-y taste and please put french fries in shawarma for extra points! We will definitely come back for this shawarma!.


Snow Monkey

As we have already reviewed them, you can check out what we thought about it here -



Putting many eateries under one roof definitely makes things competitive and service automatically becomes world class, that is a good thing. All the eateries had attentive staff and the owners of waffle Inc and Ceylon top teas were the ones present there; hence they were able to be very helpful in terms of choice and knew everything we needed to know. Service is fast but you might think it's slow because its pretty hot and you will hate the wait.



All the dishes were served in the best way it could be presented in, and you can definitely tell by those photos. Waffle Inc had the advantage of presentation as their dish itself comes with lot of colours and toppings.


Interior and Ambience

Comfortable seating for a large crowd, bean bags, food stalls surrounding you. This is the place you need to bring your friends for the treat they ask because the prices are very reasonable, portion sizes are fair and there is so much to choose from. Except for the fact that it is a little warm cause it's an open area, everything else was perfect.



We had a pretty wonderful experience at the food station, friendly people, good food and good times. You will also start getting concerned about global warming while sitting here if you haven't started yet.

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