The Road House

The Road House

Reviewed by Sarah Faisal | 7 months ago

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Halal Factors

The Road House Kothu is a trendy little food truck near the Odel in Mount Lavinia right near Hotel Road. They serve some amazing kothuu with a true street food experience.



Chilli Beef | Rs.450

When we ordered this, we definitely knew it was going to be spicy and we prepared ourselves for it but the kothu we received won over all our expectations and got our noses running in 5 seconds. But we couldn’t stop eating it, here’s why:

The kothu was oily and not dry, this gives them extra points cause nobody wants dry kothu. Infact, dry kothu shouldn’t even be called kothu. The spicy flavour along with that perfectly salty and slight citrusy kothu had us thanking our stars that we ordered it. The dried red chilli produced an appetizing smokey taste to the kothu around it, while we carefully tried not to munch on one by mistake. It had generous amounts of beef in it so you didn’t have to search for the beef and double check if you actually ordered beef. Although we’d love the beef to be a little more cooked, we did enjoy the chewy texture and runny nose. This kothu was spicy the Lankan way, full of flavour and extremely oily. In other words, it was the perfect kothu.

Be careful not to eat the red chilli which will make an appearance in your kothu every now and then. (Unless of course you live for the heat)

Roast Chicken with Cream Cheese | Rs.480

Okay we aren’t gonna lie, we ordered this because it said cream cheese. Now before you accuse them or us of the originality of this cream cheese; it is not the actual cream cheese but a close second that they make at The Road House. The chilli beef definitely set my expectations way beyond realistic human capabilities of preparing kothu, and I was secretly expecting the same from this.

However, this was slightly less in flavour and in oil. But not DRY. There were a few pieces of well cooked chicken in it which wasn’t that rich in flavour.  Hats off to being one of the few places in Colombo where you can actually taste the cheese in the kothu. Unless you’re paying a 700 bucks for a plate of cheese kothu in a fancy place, you’re unlikely to find the cheese in the kothu. But true to its name, you did get a sour-y cream cheese taste from the subtly flavoured kothu. Although this one did not blast out with flavors in your mouth, it was tasty and beautiful in its own way. (Discrimination against kothu will not be tolerated by me).


American Water 500ml | Rs.45

This was amazingly chilled and the flavour wasn’t overpowering your kothu. It went perfectly well with the chilli beef kothu and had a nice refreshing flavour along with well balance liquid-y texture which made it easy to drink even with the kothu in your mouth. (If you’re still reading this, you need help).



It’s street food so there are no waiters or questionnaires to evaluate the quality of service. You can directly place your orders to the cheerful kothu musicians and the owners are around so you could also casually tell them. They’re all chilled out and casual so you don’t have to practice your order in your head and can just casually place the order. (I know I’ve used a lot of ‘’casually’’ in this but I hope you get the hint ). They all knew their menu and with the small menu that they have, you won’t need much assistance anyway.


Interior and Ambience

It’s an Instagram worthy food truck that gives a very funky vibe with nice puns on them. It is set up in a way that makes you comfortable where you can laugh out loud while wearing flip flops. The ambience is very chilled out and just the perfect stop for a quick kothu with your friends. The kothu is also prepared in a way that amazing baila tunes come out of it so your inner Lankan will be trying to dance out with joy. The rest depends on the unpredictable Sri Lankan weather but we might as well get used to eating kothu in sudden rain.


Food trucks are the upcoming trend in CMB and it’s amazing to see our local favourite giving the true street food experience. We are definitely going to stop by with more friends or bring our foreign friends to show off Lankan cuisine.

Tip – Bring a lot of tissues and wear comfortable shoes. 

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