Who isn't glad when two celebrities of Sri Lanka - Black Pepper and Crab, merge to give us an unparalleled culinary experience? You may find the restaurant in Colombo but the food journey will take you to the four corners of the island with their locally inspired dishes. Whether it's a business dinner or a casual lunch, Black Pepper has you covered with its plush interiors and mesmerizing creativity.
No need to merely taco-bout it any longer! Go there and check it out for yourself! From their famous tacos to the rarely-heard-of chalupas, Taco Bell promises to keep you wanting more from starters to desserts! If you've been looking for a fast food chain that doesn't welcome you with a red-nosed clown or a smiling old man, then Taco Bell is your calling! A mature and chic approach to a real culinary experience.
Over time, Sugar has definitely become my go-to place for good food and company because of their friendly staff and food that is well worth the price. I'd highly recommend it to anyone loitering about the ODEL Promenade. A typical meal for two may set you back by a couple of thousand rupees but a dessert as good as the churros may make you realize that money is nothing when you can indulge in comforting food any day, everyday. With the attractive lighting, dark and warm atmosphere, plus good raspy music, it’ll give you an appetite for seduction: So Bon Appétit baby *cue Katy Perry*
May have referred to a few memes here and there, but there truly is no better place to crack open a cold one with the boys than at REPUBLK! The experienced mixologist and bartenders will have you craving for more of their cocktails (and shooters to say goodbye to your woes), while you relax in their urban-chic interior or the relaxing terrace as you enjoy a drink and some bites under the stars (and warm yellow light bulbs). The night is an adventure and it may take you anywhere, but start it off right at!
A little piece of Seoul located in Colombo is what KBQ is! From Western food with a Korean twist, to traditional Korean dishes, KBQ offers a good variety of somewhat 'flavourful' dishes. The interior (and exterior) may not appeal to those looking for an authentic Korean cuisine experience, but if a typical fast food joint environment will suffice your mood, do make sure to drop by for some of the best fried chicken dishes out there!
Mabroc's chocolate drinks are the new way of saying 'I like you' and you can wave bye to your mediocre chocolate bars. From interesting flavour combinations to a bubbly experience at the café, Mabroc has got it all and has taken precautionary measures to prevent you from making detrimental life choices (wrong bubble combinations)!
Nutty bubble drinks and spicy paninis are what makes this bubble tea cafe stand out from the rest! Sipping on bubbles on an outdoor deck decorated with fairy lights is an experience this cafe promises along with some of the friendliest staff members. Don't trust me? Go and check it out for yourself. 
Bubbluscious at Arcade could be allowed a second chance based on the fact that they are new and are yet to be sturdy, but it's about time they pulled up their socks since the brand has been around for a while. Although the counter-shop doesn't have a relaxed atmosphere around it, the ideal location next to Independence Square might give you a chance to escape in to your own bliss with a drink full of boba.
If anyone needs a small treat, be it sweet or savoury, this home-baker is the one to call. She may not own a Candy shop so 50 Cent can't take us there, but she will take us to that happy place with her affordable goodies! She is just starting out so with experience, her skills are going to be killer and all of us are going to have to stay in line to be served some of her treats but till then, bake bake bake away...

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