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Keep Calm and Drink Up! Full of Feel Good vibes and snazzy music, Curve is the ideal place to treat yourself after a monotonous day of work! Or when you just feel like you need a little indulgence (Cause why not!?) But do beware! The food here is addictive and will compel you to go back for more — giving you those curves (the kind that pugs have), though there is then just more to love about you! #proudpug
Keeping it casual and comfy, The Bavarian serves up a Viking sized meal that guarantees you won’t go home remotely hungry; so grab the boys and order your beers and indulge in the wide variety of delicious signature steaks offered at The Bavarian.
Colombo really needed an upsurge in Mexican cuisine, and it finally does. Not only does the restaurant serve authentic Mexican food, they take it a step further and give it a touch of class and casual elegance. With food made to order, Let’s Taco gifts you with the absolute freshest and premium quality Mexican cuisine. What’s more is the dishes are flexible - they can be shared or they can be just for YOU! It is a little on the pricy side but what’s too expensive when you get the best Mexican collations in town?
If you are looking to celebrate anything when in fort, this is a definite must-try place. With a diverse menu to satisfy all your cravings, Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café is sure to provide food that has a little theatre and fun even for you herbivores (vegetarians). So pick up your margaritas (juices for you young ones) and toast to an evening full of life, love and long meals!
Minimal in design, but monumental in personality, The Bayleaf is for everyone, anytime. Much like the herb it’s named after, the restaurant is rustic, rejuvenating and refreshing. But what makes The Bayleaf a unique Italian restaurant in Colombo? Put simply, it's their ability to recreate traditional Italian dishes in a contemporary fashion while still retaining the respect for its historic heritage - a fusion of the old and the new.
Ice cream will always have a place in everyone's heart as being the standard food to binge on at any time of the day. If you want something more specific to satisfy your cravings, be it fruity, milky or chocolaty, Frosty Roll’s diverse menu is sure to meet your needs. The ice cream was a bit icy because it was on the ice pan for too long but correcting that requires practice, and with practice comes perfection.

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