As ChocoLuv is quite famous for their milkshakes, we could give those drinks the spotlight and let them speak for the image of the café. However, even though the milkshakes did pull the show off the ground, they were let down by the other dishes so improving these could do wonders for ChocoLuv!
Situated on the main road itself, but somehow tucked away from the noise and pollution, the new Coco Veranda branch in Nawala is one that has made a good impression on the EAT team. Even though we felt like Hansel and Gretel and the café portrayed the evil lonely lady fattening us up by feeding us mouthfuls of good food - something we gladly encouraged and appreciated - we will definitely find ourselves coming up there often. I want to extend big congratulations to the Coco Veranda team, Mr Sarath would be proud! 
We will definitely find ourselves grabbing a bite to eat here again! Despite a few glitches in their food and service, (but really, what café is completely flawless?) Café Mocha has got it going on! They offer good food and drinks for reasonable prices as well as a place to either hang out with a group of friends or bring in a laptop and finish a bit of work, and so we would definitely recommend Café Mocha as one of the good ones!

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