Ankara is definitely trying their best and they have a long way to go, claiming to be a Turkish restaurant I really hope the baklava improves. It’s a nice place to go have dinner with family. We wish them all the best and hope to see them improve!
Food trucks are the upcoming trend in CMB and it’s amazing to see our local favourite giving the true street food experience. We are definitely going to stop by with more friends or bring our foreign friends to show off Lankan cuisine.
We had a pretty wonderful experience at the food station, friendly people, good food and good times. You will also start getting concerned about global warming while sitting here if you haven't started yet.
As an emerging restaurant in Dehiwala, they seemed to be good at quality and value for money. It is a good stop for lunch as they have a variety to choose from. We hope they continue to prosper and we wish them luck!
Hazari’s is a decent place to have a good Arabic food. Although there is room for improvement, we were pretty impressed with the quality of the food. We recommend you dip everything you eat with the garlic sauce they give and you can thank us later.        
A & M is surely one of the best options for satisfying your sweet tooth. The are also one of the outlet that specialize in cupcakes.
Harpo’s is definitely keeping up international standards and we are proud of them, affordable prices and high quality is definitely on of the best reasons to why you should check them out!
Although it was not one of our best dining experiences, they do serve some pretty remarkable dishes for which we will definitely come again. 
You should probably call Curries when your cousins from overseas are here on vacation, while your uncles discuss about how marvellous the tea export trade was in the good old days.
Momma Bear’s treat will definitely taste like the cakes your momma bear makes and we will definitely re order these delights when one of our co-worker needs a good cake facial on their birthday!

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