With an ambiance and interior such as this along with great food, one cannot go wrong. We are definitely heading back for the vibe and a few plates of HBC and some mojitos!
This is what we like to call an experience; from the satisfying service to the superb food, Ginza definitely has a place in our heart in terms of Japanese! More Machcha and Kuro Goma ice cream please?
Anything you order at Milk & Honey Café is guaranteed feel good food and most definitely guilt free. Milk & Honey also have plans on expanding their menu and adding some meat options purely because they are visited by lots of children and although adults prefer food such as this, children look for meat based items. There are definitely more reasons to come back to this spot and you’ll definitely see us there more often!
Life has seriously made a name for themselves and all through word of mouth as they do not push their social media as much as they should, because they definitely need to be known. Need more of their French toast and good vibes in our life!
What makes this gem of a coffee shop so special is that each element in each dish or drink is added as it serves a purpose, therefore no ingredient goes unnoticed. From the incredulous interior down to the phenomenal food, Kopi Kade is marked as one of the best in Colombo! Although it opens at the most unusual times; if you’re able to score an experience there, you’re sold! 
As much as we’d like to be dipping bread into fondue and licking up the excess cream sauce from the spaghetti, the idea of having to wait at least 45 minutes for food and having to remind the waiters about our food, is not a pleasant one. But after a few tweaks with regards to the service, we would definitely consider coming back for more food and drinks to E-Café. 
More Pressed By Aro, please? As they are only just exposing themselves to the madness in Colombo they haven’t got their own outlet as yet but until they do, they’re supplying Bakes By Bella and Tea Avenue at the World Trade Centre. We definitely are rooting for their own outlet because it could possibly mean a larger variety of cold pressed juices and maybe more!
It’s comforting to see restaurants opening their menus to vegans and vegetarians, especially a restaurant as well-known as Kumbuk. Lovin’ Kumbuk since day one; we’re aiming to try everything on their menu before they switch up again!
May it be for a pre workout or post workout snack, or just a healthy breakfast - Good Life Café is the place for you! At this place, you can eat AND drink your meals. Head down there for your daily dose of guilt free/vegan/gluten-free fix
We are so amazingly pleased at the changes and improvements at Aura Café and we wish them the utmost success for their hard work and goals! We are definitely ready for seconds and a chance to go through their menu entirely before they come up with something even better!
Although Rocco’s is quite pricey and falls under the category of restaurants that you go to once in a while (or for a special treat), we’d definitely like to visit them again and try out the rest of their menu because I mean, who wouldn’t want to try out all 30 of their pizza toppings! They easily have some of the Italian dishes in town!
We highly recommend the pastries and sweet items on the menu; however the savouries and coffee are not something worth praising over. We loved the interior and the ambiance of the place and would definitely come back to try out their croissants and macarons, which we’ve heard great things about.
We cannot emphasise enough how beautifully simple Blackbird Café is. From the black and yellow interiors to the lovely food and drink, it is a very homey little place that we will definitely visit again.
It is possibly the best place to have a birthday dinner. It has a great ambiance to it and great food to go with it. Cannot wait to try out the other dishes on the menu! (we could do with a little more fruit compote on the New York Cheesecake)
Hats off to Sit’s and her team for pulling of some of the best cakes and desserts you’ll find in Sri Lanka! But really, if you haven’t tried her marvelous work, order some cupcakes or cakes, for your own sake! She does fabulous cakes for kids AND adults!
We seriously think you should reconsider your wedding caterer with Hungry Monkey coming along with her creative dishes! We only tried 4 out of MANY and we cannot wait to order again!
Felt like Goldilocks when tasting Lil Baker’s goodies because every bite was ‘just right’! Thanks to the Lil Baker fan base, we were able to get the real deal off her goodies and we are beyond happy that we got a second chance! For a “Lil Baker” she sure has made a big name for herself! We definitely will swing by for more cookies and tarts, in particular! (And to pet her doggos as well)
Sugar Inc. most certainly satisfied our sweet tooth! Curious to know what else they’ve got in store so we’ll definitely be ordering from them again!
Cravings by Sue could easily fall under the category of our favourite home-bakers! We highly recommend her granola and brownies because they were seriously top notch! Although the pricing may seem overwhelming, taste it and it’ll be worth it in the end

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