From the drinks to the appetizers to mains and the desserts, Silk Route delivered some stellar dishes and stayed true to their theme. We loved the flavours, textures and presentation of the dishes. We love how this place is ideal for a family dinner or a brunch with a couple of friends - this is also a good place to go on a date with your significant other. Their dishes aren't too pricey and we feel like the amount of food you receive for the price you spend is worth it. Even if you don't live in Malabe, you won't regret taking a little time to visit Silk Route for a filling meal that will have you leaving with a smile of contentment and coming back for more. 
Hands down one of the best pizzerias in Colombo. What makes a pizza stand out is definitely the great dough and crust; Giovanni's has perfected theirs. We loved the little burnt bits in the crust that only a wood fired oven can achieve. This goes oh so well with the array of toppings they have to offer; both authentic toppings and creations of their own- nothing disappoints. You will definitely find yourself coming back for more. 
This place is definitely worth stopping by- cause hey, we definitely aren't complaining about decent food for a decent price right in the heart of colombo. All single slices of cakes were in a price range less than Rs.400 which was reasonable if you're stopping by to fulfill your cravings for cake.
Home-baker Diarra has always loved to bake, and she has been baking ever since she was a kid. She has big plans for the future and one of them is to own her own food truck. We absolutely loved how she wanted to re-introduce flavors and combinations that people don't usually try out. She also plans on expanding her range of goodies made out of different types of fruits. We really hope that there are people who are adventurous enough to try out her creations in the future- but she still makes plenty of the classics for the rest.

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