The Brasserie at Movenpick is the latest addition to the French food scene in Colombo. Just remember that the Brasserie is not just for dates, anniversaries or special occasions so do drop by in your jeans and boots for a fancy dinner (because you deserve it!) or drag your work mates down for a fancy treat and indulge in the delicious menu they're offering! 
We are in love. The atmosphere, the staff, the food were all world class and stunning! We would be popping by once again to get our hands on the rest of their menu, the sushi and pizza!
Butter Boutique got into our good books and we will definitely head back for their cinnamon rolls, tres leches and for my caffeine fix. The prices are fabulous for the giant slab of cake they give you and hey, you don't have to feel guilty about diving into your sweet pleasures in this cosy cafe! (Everyone's eating cake!)
The salty snapper would be the idea lunch and dinner option if you're down at Galle or even heading down all the way from Colombo.  For incredible food, a long drinks menu, interesting desserts and a priceless ambience - you can't possibly go wrong in here.  Get ready to get lost in a hazy beach-y vibe with your sun kissed skin and take a dip once you're done with your meal in the gorgeous beaches. 
Gone are the days where you get crazy excited over the "village experience" to taste "authentic" Sri Lankan food.  Move over Nuga Gama, and every other "Gama" claiming to offer you the ultimate Sri Lankan experience - it's time to show y'all who's the real star in town.
As a final note, I would find myself coming here again simply to savour their range of breads to the lovely cinnamon rolls and iced teas. With prices pretty reasonable, and a decent spot to get some work done - the bread company can be your new favourite coffee stop! (Yes they do serve coffee too)
Angel cupcakes are guaranteed to have been sent from heaven. (See how ironic that is?). The little cupcake boutique, the gourmet cupcakes and the cakes they've got to offer is HUGE and pretty awesome. I'd stay put from the brownies, and definitely keep revisiting this blessing to hit Palawatte!
The Asylum serves up an incredible feast for their brunch menu and you should definitely book your weekends for these! The flavours are simply divine and we enjoyed the infinite ingredients that are both gourmet and healthy which were incorporated to the dishes. Definitely heading back here!
Our high hopes and expectations came crashing down, when the food and drinks weren’t on par to the standards we expected. There is yet so much to improve on, and we’d cut some slack since it’s a newly opened café and we would love to re visit once they’ve got things sorted! 
We'd like to say that we most certainly enjoyed the waffles experience and they hands down got some of the best in town along with their signature fillings. However we were disappointed with the restaurant opening times, since they close from 3:00pm - 5:00pm and that their drinks weren't on par with what we were expecting. 
We are coming again (and again)! The location, the great drinks and food are definitely must try and we truly enjoyed the experience here! We hope you feel same way too. 
We enjoyed the vibe, however we also felt kind of bored towards the end and wished we'd spent our evening at home watching Netflix. It's great to see Sri Lanka is trying to introduce great events to the nightlife scene, but it'll also be nice if there was decent music and more authentic street food. Looking forward for more events like this to hit Colombo, and kudos to the organizers for pulling of a successful event! The best part about this? It's gonna be held every Saturday!
We enjoyed Heladiv Tea Club, but if we are coming back again we wouldn't exactly go head over heels for the iced teas. It's the perfect spot to unwind and relax and especially if you don't want anyone bothering you. (Like annoying wait staff) 
Speaking frankly we adored AYU and the extensive range of dishes they had to offer. We loved the concept, and how all the dishes were intact together but rather in different serving stations. The fact that it was far apart made us work our lazy bums to the relevant areas - great workout! It would also be great if they focused on giving a little description on items with foreign names
f you're craving for ice cream, and if you want to try a few interesting flavours for a really good price - It's Jolly's!
All those who live around Frosties are pretty lucky to get a decent place to find delicious rolled ice cream. But for people like us, we'd most probably reconsider before taking a complete trip all the way just for Frosties! (Open a branch in Colombo please)
What can we say? If it’s a breakfast date or a lunch meet up with healthy and delicious food that’s actually good for you, then Café kumbuk can never go wrong.What can we say? If it’s a breakfast date or a lunch meet up with healthy and delicious food that’s actually good for you, then Café kumbuk can never go wrong.
It is still safe to admit that Shanmugas will continue being our favourite South Indian restaurant. It’s clean, delicious and reasonably priced in my opinion considering what they are offering in terms of hygiene and air-conditioned seating. Definitely heading back, whilst secretly praying they will improve on the chocolate dosai or simply take it off the menu. 
One thing Ceylon City Hotel needs to improve on is availability. We ordered so many dishes that were turned down since it wasn't available, and we found that to be a bummer especially with so much competition around. Apart from the decent food - interior and the level of ambience needs to improve ASAP.
Fouzul Hameed, the founder and owner of popular men’s fashion merchandise – Hameedia – have introduced a state of art, chic café right next to the Envoy Mansion! While in conversation with this inspiring gentleman he specially emphasized why he wanted to launch a health oriented café. To keep it simple, he believed that good looks and good clothing doesn’t make the final cut. Being healthy and in shape is a vital part of everyday life, and making excellent food choices is the start to it. With all these taken into consideration, Café Bagatelle is now opened for everyone to have some incredibly, delicious dishes that are healthy AND affordable!
Finally we'd say we enjoyed the Tea Avenue breakfast spread and we'd definitely be coming back for the drinks and the pancakes!
The Barnesbury is the ultimate go to spot if you've got a heavy wallet and you want a decent time with family and friends! You're bound to enjoy time here, considering how relaxing and wonderful the whole experience is! 
On a final note, The Bliss Lounge is a great place to chill and be yourself. Grab yourself a great Shisha, delicious drinks and a pizza and you're good to go. Although we got a truly Arabic ambience, the authenticity of food can be questioned. 
On a final note, we must admit we're most certainly going to head over to Cafe Noir ever so often. We enjoyed every minute of it and with confidence can admit you won't find a coffee shop like this in the whole of Sri Lanka. Speaking to the dynamic and passionate 23 year old CEO, there's a lot in store for you! ( we shall keep you in suspense) 
Keeping it casual, we adored the Black Cat Cafe. Although on the pricey side, we found the food and drink completely worth the money especially since you cannot find such delicious goodness anywhere else in town. 
Finally, it is safe to admit that if you ever find yourself at the Jack Tree, ask for recommendations from the manager or the waiters for they will not disappoint you (this is also for your own good, considering how the menu can confuse you). The place is alright, the food is decent but just go easy on your wallet. 
Lemongrass will continue to be one of my favourite Indian spots whenever I'm down in Pelawatte. The wonderfully executed dishes, the decent prices and convenient location gets this restaurant into our good books! 
BBB has always been known for their “bespoke” Baker – Bella, along with her countless range of sweet items. We were surprised (and excited) to find out that Bella has sneaked an entire Brunch menu serving all day breakfast at the café!
The delicacy biriyani is well known among every single Lankan, from the South to the North to every corner of the world! Chana's a restaurant that focuses solely on Indian food and Memon dishes from chaats to the Hyderabad biriyani - a popular rice dish in the North of India.
We absolutely loved the Kulfi which was pretty much the highlight! They have a huge range and a very long menu, with so much to offer which is great and not since you're left in confusion trying to figure out what to choose! In short we're coming back - simply for the Kulfi!
We loved BBB, everything about it felt absolutely right. Surely we hope they have a range of delicious iced teas too or anything cold apart from the caffeine fix. The prices can be argued to said a little on the pricey side but you'd soon realise that it was pretty much worth it since the food honestly compensate! I don't know about you, but if you're wise you'd definitely pop by!
Sri Lanka has recently been gaining popularity with the multiple cuisines they've got to offer. You no longer need to travel the distance to find a decent burger or tacos to basically anything! What we are aware of is that affordability and quality food always conflicts, but we were proven wrong at The Grill!  If you want fresh, gourmet ( and healthy! ) range of burgers to sandwiches and subs, you're bound to get some exciting flavors and fillings for a pretty decent price. 
Bubble Me Bubble Tea has landed on our good books and we'd definitely pop by anytime! Although it's pricey in comparison to the rest, it's definitely worthy.
All potions are twice as large as picture above for the price.
AK seems to have a pretty solid menu in terms of the variety they’ve got to offer, however it is to note that their shawarma may taste slightly different to other restaurants since they go by with the Dubai style and Syrian style shawarmas. Furthermore, we really hope AK continuous to wow their customers with consistency!
We're super happy we now have a spot in Colombo to get delicious ice cream, waffles and pancakes! We'd love to see more stores popping up of course! (And the fruity blast needs a makeover for its name).
Tom Yum is a a Thai restaurant you should definitely give a shot if you haven't tried already. Although a little pricey, we personally found incredible flavor and quality in the food that compensated with the price!
In conclusion we adored this place, the setting, the locations, the staff and the ambience ( not to mention the amazing value for money large portioned food ) we'd definitely be coming back ( again and again )
We enjoyed Paddington and what's there to say? You'd love it too! 
Definitely, we will be heading over here again! They've got great flavors in all their dishes and simply savored every bit of it. It's a perfect hangout spot and with ample parking space and an easy access location. We'd prefer more brownies in our sundae, though.
We really enjoyed the Schàkász experience. The portions were pretty huge and worthy of price! They also take large orders for dinner parties and mini weddings.
Mabroc has an extensive menu from which you can choose both hot and cold drinks - be it milk based or tea based or slushes as well as the types of bubbles. The drink can be topped with tapioca, flavored popping bubbles and jellies! With friendly staff, a great ambiance and incredible prices, here's what we checked out!
We enjoyed Cafe Shaze, perhaps a little too much and we've fallen in love but we'd stay away from the mushroom soup!
To all the brownie lovers out there, what we’re going to say next will make sense in a spiritual level. We’re talking about a casual chic cafe serving solely BROWNIES!
Basically, Cookies have been everyone’s childhood favourite - from cookies bought from the store, the fresh ones out of the oven and to the designer gourmet cookies that are simply to die for.
We'd definitely be heading here to make all our sweet cravings into a reality.
We felt that despite good looks, the inside needs to be satisfying too! Perhaps it was a bad day but we’d definitely love to try out the rest of their range and change our opinion.
If you want a range of giant slices of brownies that’s got toppings you’re constantly craving for with a dark fudgy cake like base.
We would with confidence admit that Tiny H Bakes have done a great job and we cannot wait to try everything else on the menu!
We are definitely coming back for the Oreo cheesecake cookies and the customized cookies! Cookie Sweet Arts is going places if they continue the amazing work and improve on their chocolate sugar cookies!
The Vanilla Bean Bakery is new to the home baker industry in Colombo, and they certainly got a sweet round up of delicious goodies for both adults and kids and basically to everyone in between!
All I'm saying is that you should immediately call them up and place that order, because you will not regret it. When the cinnamon rolls were over, I was so close to tears because they were THAT good. With room for improvement considering it's not the original "Cinnabon" - but close enough.
Venice by Ocean is a fresh and local Sri Lankan ice cream maker! Oceanie named after the vast and beautiful oceans, is blessed with hands that’ll whip you ice creams that fell straight from heaven. Furthermore, she’s got an extensive menu with flavors you probably wouldn’t have even imagined and stays true to its name.
We enjoyed Little miss Shortcake, but we'd rather if she had fudgy brownies and Gooey cookies. Passion fruit cupcakes are must try and it won't fail to disappoint you. 
Cakeology is a home baker that specializes in a variety of cupcakes to mouth watering cakes! You’d be stunned once you scroll down her Instagram page, with the delightful goodies. Sumaiya is a psychology undergraduate and with all the college hours were pretty impressed with how she manages to keep the baking going on no matter what!
This Brownie Queen has been in operation for a while serving up a range of brownies, from mints to chocolate to s'mores and anything you can possibly do to a brownie.
We'd definitely re-order from Brownie & Co., but we'd stay put from the cupcakes. Those most certainly need improvement and we've tried better!

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